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Comforting Hands

Crisis Intervention

Victim Crisis Response- is a mobile rapid response program providing crisis intervention services to victims in the immediate aftermath of crime and tragedy.  This program is operational 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The Victim Crisis Response Program offers:


Emotional support and de-escalation: victims often experience a wide range of intense emotions with trauma such as fear, distress, anger, confusion, anxiety, agitation, and so forth.  This program offers people a safe space to express their feelings and receive validation, emotional support, and grounding.


Practical Assistance is provided to ensure people’s urgent needs are addressed. This could include getting food, clothing, or personal care items, finding people safe accommodation; contacting loved ones or mobilizing people’s natural support systems; locating and arranging transportation, childcare, liaising with police to locate a child’s toy or needed medication in the home; contacting embassies to arrange visitors’ visas and so forth.


Safety Planning:  In abusive situations, our crisis team can help victims plan for their safety and arrange certain safety measures such as securing broken windows, locks, or doors.


Information:  Our crisis team provides vital information victims may need to navigate their trauma and support systems. Information provided can include: various options for support, information about the criminal justice system, their rights as victims, signs of psychological and emotional trauma, coping and de-escalation strategies, and where and how to get help at various stages of their journey. This support ensures that victims have a clear understanding of their options and can make informed decisions.


Referrals: After the initial crisis, people may need or want long-term support services.  The crisis team can provide referrals to a wide range of services and support for victims.

Our Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us at 905.568.1068.

Administration: 905.568.8800     //     Email:

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