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Available Services

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, 24/7 support to individuals and communities in Brampton and Mississauga, helping them recover from the impact of crime or sudden tragedies.

Our services are free of charge.

The specific services we offer are listed below.

Please select the one that applies to your current situation. 

Have questions? Contact us today. 

Victim Crisis Response

is a mobile rapid response program providing crisis intervention services to victims in the immediate aftermath of crime and tragedy. 

Transitional Housing and

Support Services

This program helps victims of
intimate partner violence and human trafficking access safe and

affordable housing.

Victim Quick Response

Program Plus (VQRP+)

VQRP provides victims of violent crime with timely access to financial
assistance, services, and resources.

Court Bail Program

This is a court-based program that provides vital information
to victims about their rights and their offenders’ bail hearings, bail conditions and release.

South Asian Family Enrichment (SAFE) Program

This program is designed specifically to support South Asian victims (including children) of intimate partner violence.

Referral Services

After the initial crisis, people may need or want long-term support services. The crisis team can provide referrals to a wide range of services and
support for victims.

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