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Survivor Stories

Sharing your story is not an easy thing to do. We applaud the bravery of these survivors. Please take a moment to read the stories below, shared in the survivors  own words.

"In my opinion, VSOP was a gem for me, because humanity reflects in the work.

I got financial, emotional, life skill, positivity and all other kind of help from my worker and Victim Services of Peel. I always call whenever, I need any guidance and support. Moreover, my workers knowledge is so sharp they provide resources and contacts so quick and solve my problem. 


Thanks to your office from core of my heart."


“Working with my worker from Victim Services of Peel was the first time I really understood what my rights were. Since then I never felt alone as I had someone, I could call anytime to get help with any issue I was facing, someone that would empathize with my situation and work compassionately to connect me to the resources my family and I needed. There were numerous times I reached out and promptly received help while navigating a very difficult time. 


The immeasurable amount of support I received not only changed my life but that of my children. My children have a mother who is resilient and confident today through the countless hours of dedicated support received from her. I am now leading a very fulfilling life with stability and my children are all going on to do great things as they complete their education.  

None of this would have been possible without my workers support. I don’t have enough words to explain the impact she has made on the lives of my children and I. " 

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